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A good story,
well told.







Have you written a book and don't know what to do next?
Getting published, or even self-published,
is a confusing process.


I've worked as an editor and publisher for more years than I should admit to!  I realise how many aspiring authors are keen to understand the world of publishing, and are very keen to see their work in print ... and pixel. I understand the difficulties of being published in a highly competitive world where publishing programs are full, and getting an agent can be just as hard as getting a publisher.


I'm passionate about new voices and new ideas getting a chance to be heard, despite these challenges.


That's why I occasionally help authors whom I see have potential. For non-fiction authors, I assist in the methodology of creating books from research that appeals to a general readership or to an academic or student one, and assist them to structure and develop their manuscript. For fiction writers, I work with authors to develop character, themes and narrative arcs, and to write compelling prose. I  help authors create proposals ready for pitch either to an agent or a publisher. I'm careful to avoid texts that might cross my day-job desk, but if you have a text that you want assistance with, I am happy to see if I can help.